Building automation and management
Building Automation and Management

BMS (Building Management System)

Since 2018 STVS has developed this sector as a strong complement to its main speciality: video security.

Building management

STVS is a partner with SAIA Burgess Controls proposing state-of-the-art automation solutions in the industrial sector for sensitive technical infrastructures.

Alarm management/Customized integration/Supervision.

Customer assistance (queuing)

Customer welcome optimization and the modernization of services are current public sector challenges. We propose solutions that optimize the welcome process and facilitate the user route. These are designed for any type of administrative welcome service (municipalities, administrative offices, consulates, embassies,…) whatever the size of the visitor flow.

Reduce waiting times / relieve pressure on waiting rooms / better digital relationship with the user.

Access Control

Ensure the security of a building thanks to entrance surveillance.

This technology manages the best way of entering, where and when.

  • Flow management and access control
  • Facilitated management
  • As a complement to video-surveillance
  • Optimized organization